GoGrants Helpful Tips

Starting and Completing the application
- To start your application, please create a new user account. Please choose the profile type, "Organization" when creating a new user account. You can share this log in with trusted individuals that will help create the application *see note on multiple users under "Using the GoGrants System" below.

- Please read the Program Description, and Helpful Tips before starting your application in the online system.

- The Frequently Asked Questions is a great resource as you complete the application. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the OIS team listed below.

- A single file upload is limited to 4mb and file types: PDF, doc, and xls. For multiple files, such as Letters of Support, compile these into one document and upload. OIS staff is available to help assist you in compiling documents.

- Once you submit your application, it will no longer be available to edit. Contact us if you want to reverse your submission. 

- It is suggested to work on the application questions in a word processing application before entering data into the system. Please note that answers have character counts. See note on saving below.

Using the Go Grants System
- A note on multiple users: The system was designed to allow more than one person to work on a grant application simultaneously. For example, one individual can focus on a specific section of the application (e.g., the NARRATIVE) while another person focuses on another section (e.g., the BUDGET). It is very important for each user to save their work frequently. To avoid losing work, ensure that only one person is working in a given section at a time. Otherwise, the last person to save in a given section will overwrite anything that has been previously drafted. We recommend that multiple users communicate frequently with one another to ensure that data is not lost or overwritten and writing the application offline in Word for example, before inputting data into the system.

- Avoid using the back button on your web browser. As much as possible, use the forward and back buttons within the system. Remember to save your work before moving on.

- Formatting: The system will not accept any formatting such as bold, italics, or underline. Please copy and paste only plain text into the application. *Please visit the Tech Tips for more information.

- Saving your online application: We suggest that you work in a word processing application before entering data into the online grant program. If you enter your narrative directly into the system you risk losing your work if your computer looses Internet connection or the battery fails. Saving a draft on your own computer (or the cloud) offers security and reduces risk of data loss.

- Do not use HTML formatting in your application.

- Make sure you have cookies enabled in your web browser to allow access to application content